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2017, limited edition 12" Vinyl and Online Release 

Outside Insight Records, Los Angeles


SHELL is the debut EP from Sadaf, exploring a young cineaste’s failed film script and discombobulated thought process. The loose narrative of the album pivots from a personal perspective to that of the fictional characters in the script. Grappling with writers block and a self-sabotaging disposition, the narrator decides to burn the script she has written and start anew. The shrill combustible sounds and crackling beats echo the destructive sentiments that plague the artist's creative process. Burning a script becomes a form of burning an image of oneself, leaving behind an empty shell or crust without a formed center. The album's imagery comes from the act of burning a self portrait as well as other images that the artist associates with her identity, such as the violin.


SHELL was named in The Wire Magazine as one of the  “Top 50 Releases of 2017”. 

The album is recorded, produced and mixed by Sadaf H Nava.


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