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History of Heat

History of Heat is an experimental LP composed, mixed and performed by Sadaf H Nava and released on Brooklyn based music label Blueberry records as a 12" Vinyl and online release in July 2019. It is the scholarship of heat, and the sources of its production: desire, exaltation, anticipation, fear, rage and mourning . It is a fable circulating through the nerves, pumped and distributed by its own mythologies. 




Ditectrice (Excerpt) is a short film and visual accompaniment to the Album History of Heat. It is Directed by Sadaf H Nava in collaboration with Brazilian filmmaker Guille Santos. It was shot on 16mm and 8mm film in Spain and Los Angeles. The film was screened at Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner 2021 and simultaneously premiered on Showstudio's website. Ditectrice was awarded the British Short Film Awards Auteur Award in 2021. 

Ditectrice Poster.jpeg

Album cover shot and edited by Sadaf H Nava

History of Heat was presented live at:

Sonic Acts Festival, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Creamcake festival , Berlin, Germany

New Synagogue, Zelina, Slovakia 

Telegraph, Olomouc, Czech Republic 

Punctum, Prague, Czech Republic

Sister City, NYC, USA

Video excerpt from the launch of Hirtory of Heat on the rooftop of Sister City, NY.

Featuring Tamio Shiraishi on Saxaphone

Younggun Lee on Cell

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